Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
  • Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

The Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics is a part of School of Electrical Engineering. The department consists of three groups (formerly laboratories): the Signal Processing group, the Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing group and the Metrology group.

The department focuses on research and education in the fields of digital signal processing and digital circuit technology, acoustics, audio and speech processing, measurement and optical technology.

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Latest publications

  1. Puukilainen, Esa; Ohtonen, Olli; Lemmettylä, Teemu; Linnamo, Vesa; Hemming, Björn; Laurila, Toni; Tapio, Salla; Räsänen, Markku; Ritala, Mikko; Leskelä, Markku
    Changes in the Cross-Country Ski Base Properties Resulting from the Ski Use
    Sports Engineering, 2013. Vol. 16, 229–238.
  2. Rämö, Jussi; Välimäki, Vesa
    Optimizing a High-Order Graphic Equalizer for Audio Processing
    IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2014. Vol. 21, pp. 301-305.
  3. Sousa, Ricardo; Ferreira, Anibal; Alku, Paavo
    The harmonic and noise information of the glottal pulses in speech
    Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 2014. Vol. 10, 137-143.
  4. Pihlajamäki, Tapani; Pulkki, Ville
    Projecting spatial sound recordings onto 3D-surfaces
  5. Takanen, Marko; Santala, Olli; Pulkki, Ville
    Visualization of functional count-comparison-based binaural auditory model output
    Hearing research, 2014. Vol. 309, 147-163.
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