Audio signal processing

The Audio Signal Processing Research Group is working on wideband sound technology, which is extensively applicable for example in mobile phones, music technology, and noise control. Our research topics and projects are related to headphone signal processing, sound synthesis and effects processing algorithms, digital filters, musical instruments, acoustic measurements, subjective evaluation, and interactive audio systems. The emphasis of our research is on digital signal processing methodology which accounts for the properties of human hearing. Much of our academic research is conducted in collaboration with foreign partners, such as Stanford University.

The research group is led by Professor Vesa Välimäki.

Research topics related to Audio Signal Processing


Headphone Audio and Augmented Reality

Research related to headphone audio and their signal processing and Augmented Reality Audio (ARA) for headphones.


Perception of Musical Instrument Sounds

Perception of attributes in musical instrument sounds, and subjective evaluation of sound source models.


Analysis and Synthesis of the Piano Sound

Modeling and synthesis of the piano, probably the most popular instrument in western music.


Virtual Analog Synthesis and Audio Effects

Digital signal processing methods for imitating the oscillators, filters, and other analog electronic parts in musical gear.


Past Projects


Acoustic Guitar Synthesis

Synthesis and modeling of the well-known six-stringed plucked string instrument.


Kantele Synthesis

The kantele is a traditional finnish plucked string instrument with an easily recognizable tone due to the tension modulation nonlinearity and beating.


Synthesis of the Lutes

Research and synthesis of the tanbur, a traditional Turkish long-necked lute, the ud, a short-necked arabic lute, and the Renaissance lute.


Harpsichord Synthesis

The harpsichord is a plucked string keyboard instrument, popular in the baroque era.


Clavichord Synthesis

The clavichord is a rectangular keyboard instrument, also popular in the baroque era.


Acoustics of Musical Instruments

Research on analysis and improvement of musical instruments.

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