We do not forecast weather nor measure acoustic signals!

Light is everywhere around us in the form of sunlight, artificial lighting and signaling. Most electrical equipment use either visible or infrared radiation for signaling, displays, sensing, data read-out, or digital communication. Color is one of the most significant properties in consumer products.

Metrology research of Optical Radiation Measurements is divided into three branches: Radiometry dealing with characteristics of light sources and detectors, Photometry studying light as humans see it, and Spectrophotometry investigating optical components as well as of optical properties of materials. Some of the facilities developed in the laboratory are at the world-leading level when comparing accuracy, compactness, and operating costs. The research activities of the group involve electronics, modern optics and optical radiation measurements.

Metrology Research Institute is a joint laboratory of Aalto University and MIKES, and it is involved in many national and international projects. Most of the research in the laboratory is currently carried out within EURAMET EMRP and EMPIR frameworks. Metrology Research Institute is the national standards laboratory for optical quantities in Finland maintaining national standards of optical quantities and carrying out calibrations at the highest level.

Metrology research group is led by Professor Erkki Ikonen. For other staff members, see Contact information.

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