Signal processing

Our goal is to do world class signal processing research by focusing on fundamental signal processing theory and methods for multivariate and multidimensional signals and distributed systems.

The developed methods stem from statistical estimation and detection theory, data science, optimization theory, information theory, communication theory, machine learning and harmonic analysis. The main application areas include sensor array signal processing, advanced radar systems, high-volume and high-dimensional data analysis (Big Data),future wireless communication systems and networks, agile spectrum use, wireless localization, cyber-physical systems such as smart grids, security applications as well as automatic signal recognition and classification. We are developing new optimal and highly reliable signal processing algorithms, establishing their theoretical properties as well as finding computationally efficient solutions for practical signal processing tasks at hand. We have an extensive network of collaborators from world leading research universities in Americas, Europe and Asia. We also provide world class researcher training to our diverse group of doctoral students.

The research group is led by Professor Visa Koivunen. Other professors involved are Professor Sergiy Vorobyov, Professor Risto Wichman, Professor Esa Ollila and Professor Jorma Skyttä.

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